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Its performance and versatility makes it the best choice for high-rise venues, sports, cultural, industrial buildings and tunnels.

To meet the needs of our customers where projecting light into space requires a technical solution, PRILUX presents the HEXAGON family, a complete modular ecosystem of luminaires made up of high-pressure die-cast aluminium bodies combined with LED´s and high-performance drivers compatible with the most advanced control systems. The new range of latest generation modular projectors designed by PRILUX.

Available in combinations of up to 5 modules with the latest generation LED´s in colour temperatures of 3,000K, 4,000K, 5,000K, 6,000K and RGBW, with CRI of 70, 80 or 90 to achieve flows of up to 134,520lm luminaire output and a spectacular efficiency of up to 169lm/W.


In addition, the HEXAGON ecosystem of modular projectors features a multi-lens based optical system with a wide variety of photometric distributions ranging from highly intensive 20° symmetrical to extensive asymmetrical distributions for greater versatility when designing and installing.

It has an Optical Group protected by an aluminium injection module with improved corrosion resistance. The heat sink design, optimised by thermal simulation, allows continuous operation at 40°C ambient temperature and provides added protection reaching an impact resistance of IK10 and an IP66 tightness rating.

It has two installation modes, by means of suspension (ZENIT version) or with lyre (PLAY version). It has an integrated BOX equipment holder with the possibility of remote mounting up to 80 meters distance between BOX and illuminating body, depending on the needs of the installation, which facilitates its assembly and subsequent maintenance tasks thanks to our RSSY (Remote Power Supply System) technology.


The RSSY System also has two installation options, by means of a bracket and the ARQUITECT variant for a single module HEXAGON projector, whose bracket has been replaced by two angle-adjustable anchors that facilitate the orientation of the projector. The ARQUITECT application is especially indicated for architectural elements such as eaves, facades, horizontal surfaces... A very versatile version that allows other uses such as lighting of bridges, tunnels...

The HEXAGON modular projectors are adjustable by standard DALI protocol for the 120 LED´s, 48 LED´s and 144 LED´s models in their different power ratings. This allows us to create lighting scenes adapting them to the needs of each application,      e.g. municipal sports centres, industrial buildings, architectural applications, etc. In short, any space that requires controllable, open and flexible lighting solutions.


For high-level sports facilities we present the HEXAGON ARENA adjustable by DMX protocol as standard, oriented to dynamic and spectacular lighting. With this communication protocol, we can create dynamic scenes of instantaneous response in sports facilities with different applications such as audiovisual shows or user interaction, maintenance tasks and training sessions. This version is equipped with flicker-free equipment, chromatic reproduction above 90 and colour temperature of 6,000K ideal for television broadcasting or 4K recordings.


We also highlight the HEXAGON RGBW version that reproduces a very wide range of colors that bathe any surface completely changing the appearance of buildings, all kinds of enclosures, monuments and infrastructure. Architectural lighting will never be the same again, buildings with their own identity that take the brand image to another level. Thanks to DALI and DMX control, the HEXAGON RGBW allows programmed colour changes and combinations which, together with music synchronisation, take lighting to a new dimension. Each building, each space, each environment is a white canvas in which thousands of colours are projected, becoming a show of lights and sound, an entity with its own life of changing skin, object of all glances, which moves, impacts, interacts and does not leave the public indifferent. The HEXAGON RGB offers a wide range of optics for a variety of applications ranging from 0P Intensive Corridor to 150 Symmetrical.

HEXAGON modular projectors are equipped with different technologies developed by the Prilux R&D department:

  • TESS technology consisting of a surface treatment based on a microcompact that enhances thermal dissipation improving the results obtained with surface treatments based on lacquers.
  • HCB technology applied in the Box, designed to maintain the proper temperature of electronic equipment ensuring a longer life.
  • OVERSTORM technology designed for luminaires that normally face electrically aggressive environments. It provides the product with three spheres of protection:
    • An independent surge protector on the outside suppresses any transient surges caused by the induction of atmospheric electricity in the supply lines. When this happens, the protector cuts off the power to the rest of the luminaire by turning it off to ensure that no voltage spikes spread to the rest of the luminaire. This protector supports most of the surges so it is designed to facilitate its replacement in case of reaching the end of life.
    • In the intermediate sphere the drivers are prepared to withstand transient surges of up to 6 kV and 10kV.
    • In the nuclear sphere the protection in the LED module is provided both in its input, for small surges that have not been filtered by external spheres, and in the capacitive effects generated in the PCB of the module resulting from the activity of atmospheric electricity.
  • SYSTEMSHIELD technology guarantees the lifetime hours of luminaires installed in environments where exceeding the maximum operating temperature is possible and even probable. By means of thermal probes, the luminaire knows its operating temperature at all times. If this temperature exceeds the maximum allowed, the luminaire automatically self-regulates to reduce its power and maintain the temperature of all its components within the safety values that guarantee the hours of life.