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New 2019 Activa Catalogue!

Download the new ACTIVA 19 catalogue and get to know the latest innovations and intelligent control solutions to adapt the lighting to the user.



Do you want to illuminate spring/summer nights?

Discover the new Masne, Masne Sensor and Summet solar charge lights with presence and luminosity sensors ideal for illuminating your garden areas, facades and passageways. And to enjoy the swimming pool on hot summer nights? We recommend our Aqua Avant ABS and Hydra Avant submersible luminaires are the best option and in their RGB versions, a more decorative look can be achieved by creating different environments thanks to the change of colour.


On the other hand, we highlight the new family of LED strips "IMAGINE" with new models, extension of the family Proflex, RGB solutions, SPI digital protocol, new color temperatures, powers, different IP for indoor and outdoor... endless possibilities to offer a greater variety in your facilities!




At Downlight, we have extended the KENTAU family with new DALI models which, combined with our "Bluetooth Control Pack", can turn your luminaire into a wireless luminaire without the need to cable it and operate it via free APP. This option offers us the control of flow regulation, colour, configuration of scenes, timetables... Multiple luminaires can be configured to work in the same network to unify the control in one or several spaces being able to create groups, scenes and dynamic sequences to measure. This Bluetooth device is valid for any DALI luminaire.


For interior applications such as classrooms, offices... we have incorporated new screens such as the Rhoda model and the Silent UGR that together with the digital control system "Packs Classrooms/Dispatches" we can optimise the use of energy by taking advantage of the natural light supply and automatic switch-off in the event of absence, complying with the requirements of the CTE.




In industrial environments we present the new AKEN and KELA hoods, the latter compatible with our own Cora Control System. Cora is a wireless device based on Bluetooth 5.0 technology, designed and manufactured by Prilux, which provides the luminaires and installations with remote control, regulation, programming and supervision. It allows you to control existing installations without the need for wiring, as it does not require any work to assemble them. It also allows point-to-point control of installations with luminaires of up to 5 drivers per luminaire. Otherwise, with higher versions of the Cora we can control up to 64 drivers. This line of solutions is specially designed for the management and control of industrial and sports facilities.