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Goniophotometer | We bet on the latest generation technology

In our constant commitment to continuous improvement and state-of-the-art technology, we have renewed and improved our photometry test by incorporating a new high-precision goniophotometer into your laboratory.


In its constant commitment to continuous improvement and state-of-the-art technology, Prilux has incorporated a new high-precision goniophotometer into its laboratory to renew and improve its photometry test. In addition, the group has the necessary equipment to simultaneously feed and measure the associated photometric parameters as required by the new testing standard for LED technology EN 13032-4.



"Technology is the key to our commitment to R+D+i. We seek to optimize processes and find solutions that adapt to the lighting needs of our society. This acquisition has been an important investment for the company, but it will allow our laboratory to improve its results and optimize its methods, guaranteeing a better degree of reliability in measurements", explains Carlos Alberto Pretel Recio, CEO of Prilux.


In addition to the measurements that the Prilux laboratory was carrying out in its tests of consumption analysis, efficiency, flow, colour temperature, chromatic reproduction index, UGR, aperture angle, photometric curves, etc.; this new model of goniophotometer guarantees a greater degree of reliability in the measurement. Also, this investment allows to improve the method of alignment and centering with a laser system that places the photometric center in its axis before each test.


In addition, this evolution allows us:

  • Measure luminaires up to 50 Kg and 2 m long.
  • Measure in CIE reference C-Y coordinate system, a typical solution for indoor and outdoor luminaires. We also have a B-B plane system for projection.
  • Improve our curves with an angular precision of 0.1 and a high precision digital photometer.