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Get the most out of your garage with good lighting

The lighting of a garage must be practical and functional and will depend on what it will be used for.

Garages are often used not only to protect our vehicles, but also take to carry out other types of activities such as storage, DIY, etc. In this case, when the garage is used for more specific actions, the area should be better illuminated by incorporating specific luminaires that project the light towards the appropriate area. 


There are many functions that can be assigned to the garage or storage room, and if it has a suitable lighting installation, the number of activities that can be carried out in this space are multiplied. 

Why is good lighting important?

  1. Proper lighting will allow us to park our vehicles as safely as possible, avoiding accidents and the bumping of delicate items and obstacles that are not visible due to darkness.
  2. It makes it possible for you to give your garage a new life by taking advantage of the space for other activities in the home.

How do you properly light your garage?


  • The size of the area to be lit must be taken into account. If the garage is small, a general light will be sufficient. On the other hand, if it is larger and used for other types of activities, it is advisable to install luminaires in additional points such as work areas.


  • The selection of white light is also advisable, since it provides more brightness in spaces that tend to be dark, such as garages or storage rooms. This type of lighting also helps reduce eye strain.


  • Installing luminaires with LED technology will provide more efficient and higher quality light. This technology has many benefits, including lower energy costs.


  • Luminaires with a high IP rating, such as LED Berlin ECO tubes and Berlin AVANT, which have an IP65 rating, ensure safe protection against adverse factors such as water and dust, perfect for lighting dark areas and areas that tend to develop moisture.The impact protection of these lights is also very high, protecting them even against being struck by a ball while children are playing.


  • Lastly, the installation of lights that are equipped with a movement or presence sensor is recommended, to avoid the need to constantly get in and out of the car. This sensor activates the lights automatically and turns them off according to a timer or the when there is nobody present.


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