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Keys to lighting your home office

These days, many of us have been forced to move our offices to our homes, turning our houses into makeshift offices to slow down the expansion of the covid19.

To make your workdays productive and this new experience as positive as possible, you need to establish a routine of work schedules, breaks, getting dressed instead of working in pyjamas, staying connected with the outside world and above all, setting boundaries of the work space at home and having proper lighting. Take note!


  1. Plan your workspace.

Look for a comfortable and quiet place in your home that you can air out daily, which will help you concentrate and avoid distractions. Take into account the different elements and accessories that you need to carry out your work, such as a desk and chair, the necessary office materials, a computer, etc. Try to ensure that the distribution of the different furniture elements that you need provides you with the maximum level of comfort and ergonomics, and that the area chosen lets you make the most of natural light, if it is available.


  1. Lighting your new office.

Proper lighting in your workplace enhances productivity. Paying attention to this aspect will enhance well-being, increase creativity and make it easier to carry out task quickly and efficiently. To properly light the space, it is important to have good natural lighting, combined with a flexo-style desk lamp, with a light fixture that provides overhead light.


When Priluxwe approach projects to light work spaces such as offices, we plan the lighting based on layers, which are general lighting, the work lighting and the accent lighting.In this case we are going to pay special attention to natural light, indirect lighting and adequate light on the work surface.

Natural light

Sunlight is undoubtedly the most beneficial because it is of the highest quality and because of the benefits for the human body. To take advantage of this type of light, it is always better for it to come from the side of the desk to avoid shadows and, preferably indirectly or screened, which can be achieved by passing the light through a translucent blind or curtain in order to avoid bothersome reflections.

Indirect lighting

Indirect light is essential to avoid possible glare in the work area. In addition, if you work long hours in front of the computer, this will prevent eye irritation and make your eyes less tired to avoid eye strain.

To achieve uniform lighting on the work surface, use lamps and wall lights with translucent diffusers or indirect lamps that shine light upwards so that it is reflected on the walls and ceiling.

Work lighting

The use of flex-type lamps will help to correctly light the work specifically. In some cases it is desirable to have both indirect lighting and work lighting to achieve more uniform lighting.

We all know that the colour temperature (CCT) defines the shade of light, ranging from warm (yellowish light) to cold (bluish light). At Prilux, we recommend cold light that is above 4000K, as this provides bluish tones that promote activity and improve concentration.


We at Prilux hope that these tips will make teleworking more comfortable and productive during these days of confinement.