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How to attract and keep customers at shopping centres

Shopping centre management basically hinges on two types of customers, users and shops.

One of the most important aspects is attracting customers to the facility and keeping them there. This generates more traffic, which in turn is directly related to the volume of purchases made at the shops inside the centre. Attracting crowds also makes it easier to retain the shops that do business at the shopping centre.

The function of the shopping centre has changed completely nowadays; it has gone from a place where people went to purchase goods to an engaging venue that has different sections for people to pass the time.

The Christmas season is one of the main times for this and is one of the busiest times of year for shops. Presents have to be bought, and shopping centres see a substantial rise in the number of visitors spending family time there.


Traffic at shopping centres climbs at Christmas


Shopping centres are known for their innovative and impactful lighting displays at this time of year, one of the main features to be considered at Christmas time. These decorative highlights are also a means of attracting customers in their own right. Attention-getting lighting displays on the outside and good lighting inside draws the attention of more shoppers. 


In addition, family entertainment fun in the form of shows and events for youngsters that families with children can enjoy helps keep users on the premises longer. Other key attractions are features that invite picture taking, such as photocalls, Christmas trees with lights, and walk-through and interactive Christmas displays.


Naturally, suitable lighting in parts of the premises that are out in plain sight will help attract the attention of shoppers, and over and above that, the experience results in appealing routes or spaces that encourage strolling through the premises longer, letting shoppers view more shops, increasing shopping.



Gran Casa Zaragoza Shopping Centre

Dynamic lighting installations are one of the more recommendable types of decorative lighting. These kinds of systems can generate changes in colour and flowing lights with individual routines for each LED from one central control centre. From the users' perceptual point of view, lively dynamic lighting helps trigger a stream of sensations in viewers, and shoppers' emotions are a key factor in catching their attention.


Prilux offers a broad range of Christmas motifs, lights, decorations, and accents, that bring the magic of Christmas into every corner, and combining them with dynamic lighting systems like PIXELMAP opens up a whole panoply of options. The PIXELMAP system affords pixel by pixel control ranging from small-scale dynamic effect design to converting building façades into RGB/RGBW screens for playing videos and displaying motion.


Motifs and features are wholly designed and manufactured by our company, which enables us to ensure quality, distinctiveness, and on-time delivery. Our e-Concept Division has its own project department that uses special software to analyse and design lighting solutions tailored to each customer's needs. The Department is also involved on an ongoing basis in devising creative, customised solutions and so can offer each customer advice, support, and photo simulations.


LED lighting is best


Christmas lights ordinarily entail significant power costs. One way to reduce these costs is to use LED technology products, which inherently afford a whole series of benefits:


  • First and foremost, extremely low power consumption. Lighting installations of this kind provide much greater power savings than conventional lighting.


  • They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, Flexilight LED strip lights, for instance, are flexible and easy to handle, making installation a snap.


  • Lighting component service life is longer, which lowers replacement and repair costs as well.


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