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For the development of new models of luminaires “Made in Spain” and special luminaires required by our clients our engineering team and “lightling designers” use the latest engineering software technology. This type of software helps to improve the quality of our products , increase the robustness and durability and optimize the engineering solutions of our luminaires, reduce the development time and adapt to the changes in the sector more effectively.

With the Software of parametric modeling we create our “Made in Spain” and 3D luminaires to develop better solutions and have multiple virtual prototypes which allow us to meet the requirements and needs of our clients.

The thermal management is of particular importance in each LED luminaire. For this reason we use simulation  tools  to predict these behaviours and optimize the solutions we create to reach the greatest achievements. We use a thermal tool based on the computational  fluid dynamics CFD with which we not only simulate the heat conduction procedures but also the ones of radiation and convection which determine the real behaviour which we test in our Laboratory.

We have at our disposal a fully customized ERP system which allows us to connect our I+D end engineering to our production lines thus ensuring the quality and traceability in the production process.

"Project for the R+D of a new generation of PCBsAD" File No.: 45/16/IN/1/032  icono-descarga

"Project Smart Light" File No.: 00086434/IDI-20160294  icono-descarga

"Proyecto Cora: Desarrollo de una red multisensores BLE 5.0 de PRILUX ILUMINACION I MAS D, S.L.U." File No.: 45/17/IN/017  icono-descarga




To offer the best product we have at our disposal a proper laboratory in the process of obtaining ENAC accreditation. It is highly equipped with the latest technology for mechanical tests, lighting tests (photogoniometer) and electronic tests to ensure very high quality standards in all our work.

Currently we have incorporated in our tests new equipments such as the integrating sphere for precise and fast measurements of flux, electric parameters and color. Also environmental tests to determine the protection levels given by the enclosures intended for external mechanical impacts IK (IK07 to IK10) following the IEC 62262 regulation and the penetration of solid and liquid elements (grades IPX43 to IP66) following IEC 60529. We are improving the current  thermal measures by means of several temperature chambers from -40ºC to +100ºC in which we control temperature and thermal stress and also the ageing control under different conditions of the parameters of color, electric and flux parameters.

In Prilux we follow the current best practices recommended by IEE1789-2015 to measure the luminous flickering and we can measure the future color paremeters under TM-30-15 such as saturation , fidelity and nuance for the most strict colorimetries.

Our laboratory manages the certification projects with external entities such as AENOR and El Instituto Astronómico de Canarias (IAC) among others. The IAC has certified some of our Ambar LED luminaires as suitable for   zones E1, which are astronomically protected areas.