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Fill in the following fields with the details concerning the lamps that you have chosen for your project. You can add as many as necessary. Try to describe in detail what kind of lamps these are.

If you need to, you may search our online product gallery to obtain more information.

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Zone according to the luminous surroundings
Zones Description
E1 Area with dark surroundings or landscapes:
International astronomy observatories, national parks, spaces with natural interest, special protection areas (Natura 2000 network, bird reserves, etc.), where the roads do not have lighting.
E2 Area of low brightness or luminosity:
Periurban zones or outlying districts of cities, land not suitable for urban development, rural areas and sectors generally located outside of residential or industrial areas illuminated from the motorways.
E3 Area of medium brightness or luminosity:
Urban residential zones where the roads (paved roadways and walkways) are illuminated.
E4 Area of high brightness or luminosity:
Town centres, residential areas and shopping and leisure sectors with high activity during night hours.
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It is necessary that there be at least one dimension
Essential if a good simulation is desired
Facades or billboards
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If the lighting fixtures are expected to be placed on posts:
If the posts already exist or their future location is known, we kindly ask that you detail this in the CAD or sketch mentioned.

If the lighting fixtures are expected to be placed on the wall:

If the placement is expected to be on the ground:

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