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Prilux joins the #mequedoencasa movement with online training

Agreements have been closed to collaborate with different distributors, media and industry associations in order to make our knowledge and experience available to professionals.

At the Prilux Group, we want to promote online training for installers and other professionals in the lighting sector during confinement by joining the #YoMeQuedoEnCasa movement. In order to help and encourage productive use of the time, we are collaborating with electrical supply stores, the media and associations to promote training, learning and further growth.

"At Prilux, we want to show how these times of confinement can also be an opportunity, despite the adversity, to keep moving forward and continue optimising resources.We may not be able to work in our normal locations, but we can spend our time learning new things that will help us in our daily lives. It is important at this time to provide our professionals with dynamic training options that are highly attractive for their activities", encourages María Moncada, our Marketing Manager for Prilux.

As part of the training program that is being developed, we are supporting the initiative of 'Voltimum Advances'with free, live webinars every day.Within this framework, on Tuesday, 7 April, we will cover the main topic of "Control Systems in Industrial and Sports Facilities" given by Óscar Fañanás, Prilux's Manager of Control Systems. With the goal of reaching all professionals, this same training session will be offered again on Wednesday 29 April in the program ’Cyber Café with Matmax #yomequedoencasa’.

We are also collaborating on the development of other personalised training actions aimed at the personnel of the electrical supply warehouses and their customers. In this area, topics such as "Human Centric Indoor Lighting installations and success stories" will be discussed by our Project Manager, Alberto Troconis, among other requested topics.

Along the same lines, we are currently collaborating with FENIE on its training proposal to provide the different professionals in the sector with knowledge, experience and lighting solutions for their day-to-day work through the regional associations and participating in the joint initiative being developed with Telematel "AulaFENIE", a platform accessible to all professionals that offers practical online seminars.

We will keep you informed of all these training courses and those that will be developed later on through our social networks.

In addition, as part of our commitment to the training of employees, we have developed our own training plan, addressing different issues related to our products, control and regulation systems, planning of lighting projects and other social media questions such as Linkedin as a business opportunity tool.