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Prilux Group achieves ENEC certification

The ENEC mark demonstrates the compliance with the European safety standards for the ´Made in Spain´ products EGEA, EGEA XL designed by Prilux in addition to the LED modules of 12 and 32 leds.

In Prilux Group we have obtained the ENEC (European Norms Electrical Certification), N and IECEE CB certification, quality seals that guarantee the safety and quality of our products. This guarantee has been granted for the 12 and 32 led modules for the'Made in Spain' EGEA and EGEA XL family in all their ROAD, PLAY, ZENIT and MATCH versions, in all cases in Class I and Class II. The Avatar luminaire has also been certified in its 12, 20, 24LEDs and Amber PC versions.



"This certification guarantees the quality of our own products and our work but also opens doors in the international market as it is recognized in many countries inside and outside Europe. Complying with this certification assures our customers that the products designed and manufactured under the Prilux seal comply with all regulations and are validated by a top-level external body. In the same way, they assure that our laboratory test procedures, our production processes and our raw material comply with the most demanding conditions in the market, which are those that request this certification, "explains Jesús García, Technical Director of Prilux Group.

ENEC is a seal of quality granted by AENOR only for manufacturers, in its role of product conformity assessment entity. This certification ensures that the products have passed the tests and requirements of an independent and impartial laboratory such as the LCOE designated by AENOR according to the standards applicable to the product; Prilux has passed the specific audit in which it has been verified the fulfillment of manufacturing requirements, quality controls, means of production, etc .; 100% of the products have passed a specific electrical test according to the electrical safety regulations; Prilux complies with the quality system according to ISO 9001 and 14001; AENOR annually reviews samples taken at random from production to verify that it continues to maintain compliance with all requirements.