Indirect light prevails in the decoration of gardens and swimming pools

Luminaires with sensors and solar charge are the key to passageways such as access to the home or garage.

Outdoor lighting has become a key piece in the decoration of gardens and swimming pools. Illuminating the maximum space with a single light bulb has become a thing of the past, giving way to a much more tenuous trend that highlights the charm of both vegetation and architecture. Indirect light also dominates the decoration of outdoor spaces.


The current trend is to combine different luminaires that create a genuine and different space where the play of lights and shadows highlights volumes and creates different environments. Thus the installation of wall lamps is combined with floor, staircase, poster and garden luminaires. This strategically distributed indirect lighting will highlight the design of the house or building and of the garden itself, as it will highlight those decorative elements where light comes into play. 


"The sector has evolved a lot in recent years in outdoor lighting. We have gone from the traditional lanterns to having a wide range of luminaires that cover different needs without leaving aside the aesthetics and decoration. The market has efficient solutions for illuminating facades, walls and passageways", says Sara Esteban, Product Manager at Prilux.


In the passageways, such as accesses to the home, entrance to the garage or staircases, luminaires with presence sensors are imposed to ensure that they are switched on only when necessary, thus achieving significant energy savings. An example would be the new Masne or Masne Sensor ceiling lights from Prilux. Outdoors, gardens can also benefit from energy-saving solar charge luminaires. Appliances such as Prilux Summet include a presence and brightness sensor to illuminate only in case of need.


In gardens where the centre is a swimming pool, the lighting should also focus on this element. Illumination of the edges is advisable when you want to highlight the shape of the pool because it is different and original. On the other hand, for more classic shapes, the tendency is to opt for a lower illumination almost in the background. Light can also highlight decorative elements in the water such as a staircase, a mosaic or a fountain. Submersible luminaires such as Aqua Avant ABS and Hydra Avant by Prilux can create lighting that stands out from the rest of the garden and makes the pool impress with its RGB versions, becoming the centre of the space.


The luminaires designed to be installed outdoors are made with safety in mind, hence they are protected against external agents such as humidity, dust, wind...