Garden and exterior lighting: design and safety

Patio and garden lighting not only increases the value of a property, it also improves its design and safety.

As the clement weather approaches, the desire to enjoy our homes’ outdoor spaces increases. With the installation of proper exterior lighting, you can boost your garden’s potential by creating a new evening space. Regardless of which activities you enjoy on your patio, terrace, or garden, lighting will provide you with a wide variety of benefits.   

 Proper lighting allows you to enjoy relaxing in the garden, even at night, and prevents the exterior of your home from becoming a neglected space once the sun sets.  



Prilux offers a wide array of solutions to illuminate your garden, pool, fountain, walls, façade, etc., such as the new range of decorative IP54 MERK and HANK bivolt recessed wall lights, and the new CATT IP65 garden spike, all featuring aluminium injection moulding and tempered glass diffusers.

 One of the most important factors is choosing the right lighting to ensure the success of your project. In outdoor spaces, solar-charged and motion-sensing products, like SUMMET, will help reduce your environmental impact at zero financial cost. Moreover, the installation and use of lighting with LED technology is recommended, as it optimises energy and boosts savings up to 80%.

 LED lighting and its many products, like the IMAGINE LED strips, enable you to create pathways and illuminate routes, in addition to highlighting different environments to maximise the use of your spaces, both aesthetically and functionally.  

 All outdoor lighting elements comply with the quality standards that guarantee they last longer despite exposure to external elements, like weather.

 In terms of practicality and design, you can extend your options even further by combining different types of lighting. For example, to achieve ambient lighting in the pool area, illuminate the perimeter of the pool with indirect lighting products, like the ARETTE AVANT exterior LEDs or the ISEO model, to give the area visibility. To enjoy a night-time swim, illuminate your pool with options that provide visibility and aesthetics, like our HYDRA AVANT and AGUA AVANT with different colour temperatures, on/off RGB, and wireless synchroniser controlled remotely.

 Apart from aesthetics and design, another benefit is increased home safety, by illuminating unlit areas with little or no visibility. Good lighting helps ward off intruders and significantly reduces the risk of accidents.