NANTES PLAY, the new range of Prilux floodlights

NANTES PLAY, the new luminaire from Prilux designed to satisfy your most technical floodlighting needs

The NANTES PLAY range has a compact and minimalist design. With basic lines and pure yet elegant angles, it blends harmoniously into the architecture.

It is perfect for sports facilities, as well as industrial and urban areas that require a high degree of uniformity and intensity, allowing users to enjoy these spaces even after dark. It is compatible with lighting projects that require a full range of illumination strength and brightness for design purposes, making it the best option for professional lighting.  

It is designed to dissipate heat in order to extend the life of the LED, and facilitate the evacuation of water to prevent oxidation and ease self-cleaning.

The body and the cover are made of top quality, high-pressure injected aluminium to guarantee durability.

NANTES Play is available in state-of-the-art 108, 192 and 300 matrix arrays to achieve efficiencies of up to 168lm/W.

The floodlight’s features include:


Highly resistant to the elements with a waterproof rating of IP68, achieved through a system of seals and gaskets specifically designed to ensure the airtightness of the lamp. It features silicone foam gaskets, water weep holes, a cable gland and a vent valve to balance internal and external pressure and prevent the formation of condensation on sensitive components. In addition, to protect the luminaire against impacts, it has an IK09 degree of protection, thanks to its 5mm-thick tempered glass.


To address different lighting issues, we have a wide selection of optics, including symmetric and asymmetric options.

As an accessory, NANTES PLAY is equipped with a visor to prevent lateral glares and direct views of the luminous surface.


In an effort to guarantee the life of the electronic components, Nantes Play features optimal heat management designed with separate volumes for the LED modules and the driver. The LED module rests on a finned heatsink integrated into the design and a large dissipation surface. It has a low thermal density distribution owing to a large number of mid-power LEDs. The volume for the driver is situated on the same horizontal plane as the LED module to prevent cross heating.


At the forefront of Smart City technology, this range of floodlights is designed to allow installation with NEMA 7 and ZHAGA BOOK 18 connectors.

All models are compatible with OVERSTORM and SYSTEMSHIELD. OVERSTORM provides the product with three sequential layers of protection. The first withstands transitory voltage surges of up to 10kV (up to 20kV upon request), depending on the strength; the second can handle surges of up to 10-6kV; and the third layer can withstand up to 2kV. By working in conjunction, this system of layers ensures protection against alterations in the power supply. SYSTEMSHIELD technology, for its part,guarantees hours of useful life in areas where the maximum operating temperature may be exceeded.


The floodlight is equipped with an adjustable beam that enables precise lighting placement from 0º to 180º. The electrical connection has a gear tray that opens with a screwdriver or hex key and a 5-pole terminal block connection with screw (DALI control).

The NANTES PLAY family, which includes NANTES PLAY, NANTES PLAY L and NANTES PLAY XL, is ideal for installation on facades, in urban or industrial areas, sports facilities, outdoor car parks, industrial warehouses, and monuments.

In short, it is the ideal floodlight for projects that require optimal lighting with energy savings linked to return on investment.