CORA INDUSTRY LITE: the lighting control system as a fundamental element of Industry 4.0

We live in an increasingly smart and connected world. This trend extends beyond our private lives to various sectors, including industry, currently referred to as Industry 4.0.


The IoT and other technological advances within the sector are precipitating a new revolution, converting factories and warehouses into increasingly smart locations. Industry 4.0 enables more flexible and dynamic business models that  allow us to offer quick and effective responses to an increasingly more demanding market characterised by immediacy.   

One fundamental factor in Industry 4.0 is the capacity to improve infrastructures through the installation of lighting control systems in factories and warehouses. These systems allow lighting to be adjusted to the requirements of each production process, thus streamlining tasks and providing greater safety at workstations, while at the same time taking into account the UNE 12464 standard, which establishes certain lighting levels for each task and work area.

When combined with LED technology, lighting control systems also reduce energy costs up to 70%,improving the return time of the investment. These savings are primarily attributable to an ability to control the lighting and the length of the luminaries’ useful life.  


CORA INDUSTRY LITE: a new control system 

Presented with clear evidence of the need to improve industrial infrastructures, Prilux developed CORA INDUSTRY LITE, a new autonomous lighting control system equipped with an integrated light sensor to regulate luminous flux and offset natural light, in accordance with Technical Building Code (CTE) HE3.

This brightness sensor continuously monitors light levels, adjusting them to fixed settings for optimal energy use.  

It is also equipped with an integrated motion sensor and corridor function, that is fully customisable through an app.

CORA INDUSTRY LITE is the perfect control system for any type of industrial facility, thanks to its robust and watertight design. It converts luminaires into smart systems with its simple, fast, and intuitive installation and start-up.

Its main intrinsic features include push-button light level adjustments without requiring the installation of any type of software (except for advanced configurations, such as the incorporation of motion sensor networks using the iOS Play LITE app).

CORA LITE represents a turning point in the evolution of the industry, providing upgrades, control, and comprehensive lighting management for factories and warehouses. 

Its various features include:

  • Robust and efficient installation control
  • Simple and intuitive installation and quick start-up
  • Autonomous control system
  • Precise DALI Broadcast adjustment (up to 64 drivers)
  • Direct push-button light level adjustments
  • Advanced configurations using the iOS Play LITE app, which has:
    • Integrated light meter
    • Input for motion sensors
    • Direct manual control
    • Manual control delay time
    • DALI variables


Luminaires for the industrial environment: extra efficiency at your facility

Industrial infrastructures have specific environments with challenging lighting demands. The provision of adequate lighting through an integrated control system that delivers optimal visual conditions requires luminaires that are resistant to humidity, dust, vibration, and temperature fluctuations.   

The CORA INDUSTRY LITE control system is compatible with all DALI luminaires. Prilux offers a wide range of suitable, compatible products, such as the HEXAGON ZENIT floodlight, the Berlín Avant and Dácil watertight casings, and the KELA industrial hoods. This variety permits the optimal management of consumption, while streamlining installation and generating substantial, sustainable economic savings with the appropriate lighting arrangement for each scenario.